Welcome to The Hidden Job Market Course

taught by Sam Struan

Course description

Learn how to 'hack' into the hidden job market and get coaching from a professional headhunter.

Sam Struan
Sam Struan


Course Curriculum

Welcome - Watch This First!
0.1 Welcome Video
0.2 How to Use This Course
0.3 Booking Your Intro Call
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Lesson 1: The Importance of The Hidden Job Market - Core
1.0 The Hidden Job Market
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Lesson 2: How to Sell Yourself On Paper and the Time, Money, Manpower Concept.
2.0 Résumé Myths and the Time Money Manpower Concept - Core
2.1 Applying, Time, Money Manpower Complete - Core
2.2 How to Format Your Résumé - Walkthrough - Core
​2.3 How to Write Your 1-4 Line Company Summary
​2.4 Time. Money. Manpower. (Examples)
Résumé Templates (Created using Google Docs)
My Résumé (Example)
Book a Coaching Call
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Lesson 3: How to Build Your LinkedIn Brand
3.0 Building Your LinkedIn Brand - Core
3.2 What to Write on Your LinkedIn Profile
3.3 How to Edit Your LinkedIn URL
3.1 Photo Guidelines and Hacking Your photograph
3.4. LinkedIn Guidelines
What to Write On Your LinkedIn Headline
Figuring Out Your USP (Unique Selling Point)
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Lesson 4: Finding Relevant Employers
4.0 Finding Relevant Employers - Core
4.1 How to Use Job Alerts + LinkedIn Profiles to Build Your Database - Core
4.2 Using LinkedIn's Search Feature - Core
4.3 How to Transition Industries (reach out templates in Lesson 5)
4.4 CRM Tracker Google Sheet Link
Your CRM Spreadsheet Tracker - Core Document
Book a Coaching Call
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Lesson 5: How to Headhunt Your Next Boss
5.0 How to Headhunt Your Next Boss - Core
LinkedIn Reach Out Templates - Copy, Paste and Edit
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Lesson 6: How To Conduct an Informational Interview
6.0 How to Conduct an Informational Interview - Core
6.1 Anchoring the Relationship - Core
6.2 How to Maintain Your Network - Core
6.4 Leveraging Your Network - Core
Informational Interview Questions and Sample Open/Close Script
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Lesson 7: How To Interview Like a Pro
7.0 Types of Interviews and How to Excel in Them - Core
7.1 Common types of Interview Questions
7.2 How to Prepare for Tough Interview Questions
7.3 How to Breakdown Your Accomplishments
7. 4 Interview Prep - General
Example Interview Questions to Ask
Book a Coaching Call
How to Answer "What's Your Biggest Weakness?"
What To Do After a Face-to-Face Interview
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Lesson 8: How to Answer Salary Questions
8.0 How to Answer Salary Questions and Why
[Video Lesson] "How to Answer What's Your Salary Requirement?" and "What Are You Currently Earning?"
[Text Lesson ] How to Answer "What's Your Salary Requirement?" and "What Are You Currently Earning?"
[Text Lesson] Negotiating a Salary Raise vs. Salary Review
Salary Resources
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An interview with The Bully Whisperer
How to Apply to a Job Online Job Posting (Text Lesson)
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